About VbaWriter – En

Why not simplify life for people!

Computing is a tool that performs repetitive tasks. Managing equipment inventory, organizing student notes, or simply calculating the performance of a small business can be easier with certain computer tools.

Acquiring an application for such tasks can be a real nightmare when purchasing an application. You face the need for prior training, monthly and annual payment plans, licenses, rights, updates, compatibility, etc. In short, costly solutions, not to mention custom-written applications 😊.

Money does speak indeed, but what if someone is in a country with limited financial means!

Training in programming is a lengthy journey and not free either.

For these reasons, we have decided to implement an accessible online tool that allows everyone to create their application, tailored to their needs, for free, anytime, and without limits.

AbdelKader BENNADJI, Telecommunication Engineer from Chlef, Algeria

Mohamed EL ALILY, Municipal employee, Town Hall of Perly-certoux in Geneva, former Head of Archives at the CIA Pension Fund, Referee at the Documentation Center of the CPEG Pension Fund of the State of Geneva, Switzerland.

VbaWriter.ch is the tool we have created to simplify programming your application without any prior coding knowledge. It is an evolving tool that will continue to develop thanks to your encouragement and feedback. We will continue to provide you with unique solutions to help you develop your professional, practical, and effective application.

So go ahead and create your own software that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals towards success.