Here you can,

Once you have drawn your ListBox in a UserForm,

Display in the ListBox the data from your Database (Spreadsheet),

Search or filter the data of the ListBox,

Extract data from the Listbox to TextBox, ComboBox, etc.,

Transfer the data to a Spreadsheet for printing,

Navigate between ranks in the ListBox,

Search between two dates in the Listbox,

Adjust the format of the columns in the ListBox,

Simply, insert the requested value in the box, click on the “Get the Code” button and Hop, the code appears in the square at the very bottom of the page… copy and paste it into your UserForm…That’s it 🙂

Show Data in the ListBox:

Filter Data in ListBox:

Extract Data from ListBox to TextBox:

Transfer Data to SpreadSheet for Printing:

Navigate between the Rows of the ListBox:

Search between 2 Dates in the Listbox:

Adjust Columns Format in the ListBox:

Type of format: