Regular "Consecutive" UserForms Transfer

Here, you can:

Transfer data from a UserForm to a worksheet, making it easier by naming the sheet “Database.” The transfer is to a sheet with consecutive destination columns.

Transfer data with or without repetition of values, or transfer while automatically inserting a unique reference number (Watch the Video).

Delete simply or delete after confirmation (Watch the Video).

Modify and save your new values (Watch the Video).

Search in a column, cell, TextBox, or everywhere (Watch the Video).

Reset your fields in the UserForm after transfer or upon opening your application (Watch the Video).

Stop the systematic refresh of your UserForm using the Anti-vibration code (Watch the Video).

Ensure that the Excel application closes when your UserForm is closed (Watch the Video).

Simply, insert the requested value in the box, click on the “Get the Code” button and Hop, the code appears in the square at the very bottom of the page… copy and paste it into your UserForm…That’s it 🙂

Name TextBox of Search:

Name of DataBase:

Name 1st column in DataBase:

Name Column of Search in DataBase: